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Support us

Hey there!

Using our TeamSpeak-Server is entirely free for you and our friends. We love to see that people want to support us. There are many ways how you can help us keep our little project alive. You can tell your friends, engage with the community or even think about donating. The most important part is ... taking part πŸ˜‰

So, some easy ways to participate:

Tell your friends!

The easiest way to help us out is to reach out to your friends and play together with them. Everyone is welcome here! Tell them about the server, the community and get them hyped up!

Post on social media

You can also create posts on social media like Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. If you want to publish anything, feel free to hook up with our Team, they'll provide you with the necessary materials.

If posting on social media, make sure that:

  1. your Advertising reflects our general philosophy
  2. you're using one of the official server addresses (a list can be found here)
  3. your post is understandable and grammatically correct
  4. your post isn't perceived as annoying


We're trying to make our services accessible to everyone all over the globe. Unfortunately, we've mostly got German users in our team, so translating all our websites to other languages is quite challenging. So, If you're fluent in English and want us to translate OpossumTS to you're native language, feel free to help out on Github.