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Code of Conduct

The English part of this Agreement is a non-binding convenience translation. In cases of doubt, the German version of this Agreement prevails.


We love playing games with our friends. That is and will continue to be our driver. The relationships, memories, and laughs we experience from gaming are what drives us to keep going.
By using our services you agree to the following terms. Acting against those terms may result in warning and corresponding punishment. Furthermore, we reserve the right to take action on a case-by-case basis if, in our view, the integrity of the community is in danger.


Nicknames and channel names need to be unique and readable (special characters only as an addition). They should not be offensive in a sexual, right or left-radical direction, without political, religious allusions or the like. In addition, the impersonation of server groups by a name such as [Supporter], etc. and naming by domains is prohibited.

General Behavior

The deliberate disruption/interruption of conversations in public channels is not allowed. If reported to a team member, a penalty will be awarded. For the player search the corresponding channels are to be used.

Insults, over-transmission of messages (spam), fast channel-to-channel switching and systematic action/bullying of other members are not allowed. Private disputes are to be treated privately. Moderators are not responsible for clarifying these.

Anyone who harasses users of the Severs with obscene, loud or annoying noises will be assigned by us to the server group "Störgeräusche". This prevents him from talking. After eliminating the noise, he can remove the group independently. If this happens several times in a row, it will be directed to the server temporarily or permanently. Soundboards are only allowed in private channels.


Any kind of external advertising, whether through avatars, names, messages or verbal communications is prohibited. This includes passing on IP's from other Teamspeak/Discord servers. Partners and Streamers are exempt from this rule, they may promote their service or stream you represent in moderation.


Recordings on the Teamspeak are forbidden, but they can be allowed by administrators under certain conditions. For this, however, the channel, if it is publicly available, and the recording person needs to be marked. In the case of infringements with these rules, proof may be taken via recording, even without marking, insofar as this has been agreed with an administrator or moderator before the recording was started. Each user allows the recording of his voice according to these rules.

Domiciliary Rights

The domiciliary rights on our server are exercised by administrators, moderators and other appointed representatives of the operator. Instructions of these are to be followed. They may perform administrative actions without notice or permission from the user. We reserve the right to edit, move, close or, in extreme cases, delete personal channels. This applies in particular to content that we believe could harm the community and/or its outward appearance.

The house right in the private channels is primarily exercised by the respective channel admin. He is allowed to perform administrative actions in his channel. We reserve the right to intervene in these operations. This house right must not be used to blackmail or bully users.

The respective creator is responsible for the contents of all submitted contributions. We decline any responsibility in this regard. The creator grants the operator a simple and unrestricted right of use. By doing so, he grants the operator the right to make the contribution permanently available on the internet platform for public access. The operator has the right to connect content within the platform with other content or process it otherwise in general.


It is not allowed to endanger the stability of the server or its users by any measures or actions. Furthermore, found errors and exploits in the software used shall be reported to the administration immediately! IP addresses are logged and, in case of an attempted attack, of whatever kind, brought to criminal prosecution. This applies especially to flooding of any kind.

Streamers & Content Creators

Streamers shall not be disturbed while they are on air. Recordings are allowed in Steam/Content-Creator channels. A stream, just like the member search, should not be used to lure users to other servers. Streaming is only permitted in designated areas or with sufficient marking. If you're planning to stream on our server, please contact the team.


The use of proxy servers, Virtual Private Network, IP changers or other tools to conceal the identity of a user is prohibited. Software used on our server automatically searches for users using such tools and notifies our team members. Here, the IP address is passed to the team for further prosecution.


To prevent phishing and fraud, private trading is prohibited on all platforms. Selling or giving away accounts is prohibited. Skimming user data such as passwords and e-mails is a criminal offense and will be punished accordingly.


An attempt to increase the rank on our leaderboard via fraud such as using continuous send is punished with exclusion from it. we reserve the right to take action on a case-by-case basis. Boosts may be awarded to speed up leveling progress in certain situations. The provider is not obliged to guarantee for successful usage of these boosts.

Music Bots

Every user above Level 5 may move music bots. Music bots may only be moved out of a channel, if not already in use by another user. Own music bots are to be reviewed by our team before the first connection. They will be banned automatically if not permitted by an administrator.